Fistula-in-ano and VAAFT

The common procedures for treating fistula-in-ano are fistulotomy ( laying open the fistula tract) and fistulectomy ( removing the fistula tract). There is a newer novel method for treating fistulas called Video assisted anal fistula treatment (VAAFT). The VAAFT technique is a minimally invasive and safe technique. The advantages of this technique are evident: it is performed as day surgery, there are no surgical wounds on the buttocks or in the perianal region, and there is complete certainty regarding the location of the internal fistula opening (a key point in all surgical treatment of fistulas). This is coupled with evidence of complete destruction of the fistula from the inside without damage to the anal sphincters. Moreover, the patient does not have postoperative problems with faecal incontinence. VAAFT appears cost effective, requiring a shorter and less expensive preoperative work-up than traditional techniques.

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