Rafaelo Procedure


“A revolutionary, safe and effective treatment for the instant removal of piles.” The Rafaelo Procedure is a relatively new treatment that utilises radio frequency technology to reduce and eliminate, the common symptoms of internal (Grade 1-3) hemorrhoids/piles. We offer this in our practice.

This involves the insertion of a special needle probe into the haemorrhoidal cushion, through which radio frequency energy is applied, aiming to restrict its blood supply causing it to shrivel and fall
away, relieving the patient of their symptoms.

What are the benefits of The Rafaelo Procedure?

• Minimally invasive- no surgical cutting.
• Day case procedure.
• Only local anaesthetic needed.
• Sedation may be needed.
• No need for general anaesthetic.
• Quick- no more than 15 minutes.
• Very little pain or discomfort.
• Quick recovery.
• Quick return to work.
• Quick return to normal activities

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